Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Specialist

The success of a Laser hair removal process requires someone who knows how to do it professionally and not someone who is not just in the business for the money. If you choose to have the process done simply because you have found some cheap spa, you may not like the outcome and you may even end up with severe complications.

Below is a list of what you should look out for when selecting a laser hair removal specialist:

  • Experience: The provider chosen must be experienced in the field and one who knows how laser hair removal process is carried out professionally. You can ask around from customers who have undergone through the laser hair removal and settle for the provider who has the most positive reviews.
  • Type of laser hair removal tool that the provider uses: Look for a provider who has the right tools for your type of hair as well as the color of your skin. This will help in avoiding disappointment where you may go and discover that the equipment available is not meant for your type of hair or skin.
  • Cost of all the session the provider will offer: A laser hair removal process will not be completed by just one session. Enquire how much all the scheduled sessions will cost so that you can gauge if it is within your budget.
  • Before you allow the laser hair removal specialist to work on you, ask who oversees the entire hair removal process. There must be a person who is well versed in the entire process, preferably one that has a doctor’s qualifications to ensure that everything is done professionally.
  • Ask the hair removal specialist if he is willing to perform the patch test and a consultation session free of charge. If he is not willing to perform a patch test, you should look elsewhere as this is what will determine if the process will work well on your skin and hair type.
  • You will also need to ask the service provider what will happen if in the process of the laser hair removal you get burnt. Will they take responsibility and cater for medical expenses. If that is not how that spa operates, ask what their policy is regarding such an incidence.
  • Honesty: A laser hair removal specialist must tell you the truth about the entire process. The process does not permanently remove the hair from your body. After completing the initial sessions and the hair is removed to your satisfaction, you will still need to get back in future to have the hair that has started growing back removed. Do not allow anyone who lies to you that your hair will be permanently removed to attend to you. You should b aware that the only process that will completely get rid of your hair is electrolysis.

You should not accept the services of a person who seems like he is pushing you to allow him to attend to you. Those people who keep pestering you with promises to offer discounts and other enticing offers are not worth considering. The decision should be made out of your assessment where you will settle for the hair removal specialist whom you fells will offer the best services and has the best tool for your skin and hair type.


Dangers of Massage Therapy

Getting a massage will be of great benefit to a client’s body as it may relieve him of body pains, moderate his blood pressure, reduce stress, among other benefits. Despite all these, a massage could go wrong and put the health of your client at risk. Some of these risks include:

  • Blood clots: Clients who suffer from hypertension usually have a buildup of plaque in their arteries. If you exert a lot of pressure during a massage, these plagues may rapture and lead to the release of blood clots which may find their way to the brain or the heart.

The situation is made worse because the person who has this complication is not aware it exists and there is, therefore, no way you can prepare for it.

  • Nerve damage: When conducting sessions of deep tissue massage where you will need to put a lot of pressure to be able to reach the tissues, you may get to the extreme if the client is not speaking up. The pressure will become excessive leading to nerve damage; to avoid this, keep talking to your client in the midst of the session and encourage him to speak up when things get out of hand.
  • Skin infections: During a massage, there is a possibility of a skin infection being transmitted from the client to the therapist or vise-versa. It is also possible to spread an infection from one part of the client’s body to the other.

If you do not clean the massage table properly or you do not disinfect your hands thoroughly, you may also spread an infection from one client to the other.

  • Excess fatigue: though a massage session is supposed to offer relief from fatigue, it may also cause excessive fatigue the next day. This can be overcome by having enough rest after the massage and drinking a lot of water to overcome the dehydration resulting from the massage.
  • Soreness: If a client goes through a deep tissue massage, it could result in soreness the following day. This may continue for up to 24 hours after the massage and then disappear. If the pain gets to the extreme, you can use some pain-relieving tablets or seek medical help if the tablets are not working.
  • Fractures: If a client’s bones are weakened as a result of health complications, they may easily break as a result of the pressure exerted during a massage. This is why it is important to get a client’s medical history so that you can know the best way to handle him.
  • Stretching injury: At times you may overstretch a client using excessive force leading to injuries. Though stretching is recommended during a massage therapy, it should be done in moderation to avoid harming the client.

During a massage, toxic substances are released from the muscles into the bloodstream. If you are not well hydrated to aid in the excretion of the toxins, they could cause damage to your kidney. This is why it is vital to hydrate before and after the massage to avoid such risks.

When giving a massage, do not engage in any move you are not sure is safe for your client. Keep contact with your client and observe his reactions as you proceed. You should also give the client the freedom to express his views as you proceed. If he needs you to stop a certain move, listen and this will save you the trouble of losing a client due to an issue that could have been avoided if you listened to him.


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Eyelash Extensions Salon


Having been brought up in a conservative home sometimes made me feel like even the simple makeup was an odd thing to wear. Ever felt lonely, in your world, but in the midst of girls who are, dazzling like the princess of Wales? It is over three years since I was recruited in the club of eyelash extensions, and since then, I have become a beacon of beauty. Forget about the mascara you are used to; the real girl is let out when you have lashes that will naturally blend with your natural ones.

The modern salon

Salons have come from far to offering services like eyelash extensions that were once unheard of, and this has made it easy for one to share their beauty with the world. Tired of your short scattered eyelashes and you wonder how you can look more presentable. Walk to any modern Salon and get the touch; from 1-2 hours, you will come out ‘slaying’ like the queen of Sheba. Picking the right eyelash extension salon is very important, as not all are equal.

Eyelash extension – Just for esthetics- not permanent

Eyelash extensions are not permanent but are temporary where some semi-permanent glue is used to join with the natural lashes carefully. The adhesive can only hold them in place for not more than four weeks, and therefore you have to frequent the salon every three to four weeks for a retouch.

Which salon?

Looking for a salon, which will give you an experience of a kind, and make you look that young again? There you go, friends will always give you valuable leads; customer reviews from websites of some of these salons. As they say, ‘experience is the best teacher’- your friends or people who have been there will tell you better. Instagram is one of the resourceful platforms where you will be able to sample the many exposes available before you land on your favorite.

Choose carefully- legit only!

Before you submit yourself to a stylist, you will need to verify if they have the necessary licenses as required by law. The permit will always be displayed on the wall, and this will tell you if you are dealing with a legit service provider. Check through to ensure that the apparatus used is carefully sanitized and let them prove it, infections are real, and therefore this is critical and where you have doubts, run for your dear life.

Eyelash extension- a Relaxing moment

Remember this is the time to unplug and probably serve the subconscious a retreat. On your first visit to the salon for an eyelash extension, you should be prepared to take longer than expected, sometimes 3 hours or more. Therefore, you can carry with you a podcast or a playlist where you will have the time to rewind.

 Talk about your preference with the stylist

Discuss with your expert the expectations you have, whether you need that subtle look or you would want to unleash the charming girl in you, they should know. The stylist should present to you the perfect options you have for your shape and of course, how you would want to appear. The eyelash extensions come in different types; mink, synthetic, and silk. Synthetic is a preference for many for they look glossier and dramatic. Mink and silk are also fantastic, but you must be familiar with them before, hence not really for newbies. For a beginning, you are good with the synthetic unless the stylist convincingly advises otherwise.

For the newbies, get conservative and grow

For the size and the diameter of the eyelashes for your extension, specialists recommend that novices should go conservative and with time, they can manifest their artistry. It always appears natural to wear an extension that is not so different from your natural lashes so that you can slowly adapt to the change.


Moderation is the name of the game here and therefore ensures that you do not rush to unleash the diva in you the first time, it could turn ugly and therefore get simple approach it wisely and grow with time. Keep the salon and the specialist for the longest for consistency, this is your consultant, and you will need them to take you through the process.